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    Hope you're all doing well. Don't even know what I'm doing right now writing this post, since I kind of dropped off from posting...but then again, didn't we all?

    I don't know. The whole reason I even know about this site is because I played modern warfare 2 obsessively when I was in 8th grade and browsed the gameFAQS site to maybe get some tips. And then we all moved to TSR. That was back in seemed simpler back then. I was a socially awkward kid (and still am) but man those times seem kind of fun and crazy looking back on it. Just a place to go, talk about anything, troll each other (RIP Kisame...what a wild time haha), but I honestly loved it. I know my family was definitely thinking "why is this kid spending so much time on the computer, playing call of duty so much" (24 DAYS played...oh my god I loved that game), but honestly it was because it was a place where I could go and talk. I was quiet and introverted growing up, and that was definitely an outlet. It was a community. And for whatever reason, the whole world has seemed to lose that charm since I was 13. I know people were 30 on that site, and discussing adult stuff I had no idea about...but definitely have experienced now. Maybe it's because I'm 24 and live alone now, and a bunch of my friends moved away after college, but I feel like just any sense of real "Community" in my life is absent right now like it used to be. Or maybe life isn't just "Simple" liked it used to be. God that site was a wild time...SizzledChicken's drama, blueninja's posts being the word of god basically, emveee, sliceslice...everyone. It was a time I really am happy I got to experience

    And now we have the's weird. I know it's not the fucking plague, but I'm definitely scared. With the virus, mainly for my 94 year old nana. She's a fighter and hasn't lost her wit at all...but you still have to worry. But on a different scale, its the uncertainty around everything right now. Nobody knows what's really going to happen next...and that's fucking terrifying. I keep doing a sanity check and asking people older than me in my office if they've ever lived through something like this before, and they all say no. I'm worried about my job. It's a corporate one and I hope layoffs don't happen...but when your stock loses 75% of it's value in a have to start to worry.

    I don't really know what the point of this post is. We all have our different shit going on. Some of you will probably log on and see this for the first time two months from now when everything is getting back to normal...but it just makes me reflect and think about everything. Like everyone else, I want to be the best version of myself, and so much has happened since I was some socially awkward kid posting on a gaming website and having people make me realize "oh maybe I am a FUCKING idiot for having my main loadout be a mini uzi with a thermal scope".

    Life gets hard and weird, and it's long and so much happens that seems to blur together, but it's so short too. But it really can get REAL sometimes, and this is one of those times.

    I guess I'm just happy that there's somewhere I can post in this world my real thoughts, and maybe have some people listen and not have to worry about the judgement. There's good times and bad times, and we all learn something if we're lucky enough to get to get through it, but this virus is really just so weird, and different, and's just making me really think about everything.

    Anyways, I hope you're all doing well, and nothing terrible happens to you or the ones you love and know during this time of uncertainty. The world is a lot different than it was 10 years ago. Maybe that's just common sense that your life changes a lot from 13 to 24, and my city has essentially shut down for the forseeable future. I just wanted to get back on a place for a moment in time (imagine this is still TSR haha) where I can go back and post a weird rant about my thoughts, and just kind of...not relive, but reminisce. Life's weird man. I know people on this board don't post nearly as much, but I hope everyone I've encountered online gets through this. At least we always have the times we had...way back in the day.

    Rant over. Stay safe y'all.
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    you have truly entered the negative zone


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    what the...

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